• Community Work

    Community Work
  • Green Initiatives

    Pioneer in environmental initiatives long before “going green” became trendy, we at Spinneys have been at the forefront of green practices and sustainability for more than a decade now. This goes well beyond energy saving lighting and recyclable shopping carts. Since 2011, we have been recycling 2 million bottles each year via Reverse Vending Machines set up at branches and thanks to people’s motivation to sort their bottles and cans. Years ago Spinneys was the local trailblazer to launch eco-bags, and in 2019 we took things a step further by being the first supermarket chain in Lebanon to introduce reusable sackcloth produce bags for fruits and vegetables. Last but not least, 12 tons of clothes are collected through donation boxes at branches every year and distributed in collaboration with Fabric Aid NGO to those in need to keep people warm while reducing clothing waste.
    Green Initiatives
  • Food Waste Initiatives

    A firm believer in the importance of promoting awareness on the urging consequences of the food waste issue socially and environmentally, we at Spinneys have partnered with ACT NGO and in a bid to reduce food waste and hunger, we distribute since 2016, around 500 tons of fruits, vegetables, and bakery goods per year to different organizations around Lebanon that take care of underprivileged individuals.
    Food Waste Initiatives
  • Food Safety

    Food Safety
  • Donations & Charity Work

    Being responsible towards our society is in Spinneys’ DNA. Donation campaigns to support local NGOs such as The Children Cancer Center, SOS, The Lebanese Red Cross and more, are launched several times per year, aiming to support those NGOs’ causes and stand by the Lebanese communities. In addition, Spinneys never missed the chance to turn a Christmas or Ramadan or other occasions’ activations into an opportunity to help people in need and lead by example when it comes to creative yet meaningful and results-driven charity initiatives.
    Donations & Charity Work