Go Green

  • Trolleys and Baskets

    We are actively involved in promoting green initiatives to ensure our active involvement in reducing our carbon footprint thus contributing in preserving our planet's resources. Such initiatives include the introduction of shopping trolleys and hand baskets made of biodegradable PET plastic materials.
    Trolleys and Baskets
  • Printed Circulations

    Our printed circulations also take part in preserving the environment we live in, through the decrease of printed flyers while relying on communicating the promotions via social media platforms.
    Printed Circulations
  • Reusable Bags

    We have introduce a 100% reusable shopping bag, because, At Spinneys we believe in promoting a better lifestyle for the next generations. You can use this bag over and over again and reduce the dependency on plastic bags. Be the change you want to see around you! The bag is available in 3 designs at all Spinneys stores.
    Reusable Bags
  • Smoke Free Environment

    Spinneys took the lead in the retail industry by banning smoking inside its stores. In fact, exposure to smoke can jeopardize the goods' quality and preservation conditions which might also lead to their contamination. Furthermore, smoking is not only unpleasant for non-smokers and reformed smokers; it is also of concern given the number of children, pregnant women and physically ill people who just want to enjoy a clean and risk-free shopping experience at Spinneys.
    Smoke Free Environment
  • Plastic reverse machines

    In partnership with Nestle Waters and Servicorp, Recycling Reverse Vending Machines were installed at our Greater Beirut stores hoping to convince our customer base that bringing the empty bottles and cans for recycling will become part of the shopping experience in our stores. The RRVM can be used by our clients to recycle all kinds of water and beverage plastic bottles as well as aluminum cans. The concept is designed to deliver recyclers rewards thus encouraging them to follow a green lifestyle and environment friendly practices.
    Plastic reverse machines
  • Energy Saving Actions

    At Spinneys, we also believe in energy saving actions that not only help reduce overheads, but can also strengthen our brand and reputation, helping improve relationships with customers, suppliers, staff, investors and the community. Our energy saving actions includes: Reduction in energy consumption by using more energy efficient fluorescent lighting in new and existing stores. Reduction in energy consumption by using more energy efficient LED lighting to shelving fixtures. Introduction of LED Lighting to all alcohol caves in our existing stores in Lebanon. Installation of timer delays to stage machine start up on Refrigeration and AC installation, reducing power consumption. Use of friendlier refrigerant gas (R 404), less harmful than the historically used R 22. Introduction of toxin free FM200 fire suppression systems to electrical and computer room facilities. Construction waste management controls to reduce waste quantities. Sourcing and election of locally produced materials and equipment to reduce carbon foot print, where practicable. Introduction of external green space landscaping and tree planting, where permissible. Energy cost comparison studies for gas / versus fuel oil source for bakery ovens, to reduce revenue expenditure. Improving insulation of the stores building. Applying 3M heat reflectors on curtain walls in Hazmieh branch, Lebanon.
    Energy Saving Actions