History, Presence & Values

Before 1960 Spinneys grew into a chain and succeeded in opening additional retail outlets in Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan and supplying food for petrol exploration teams across the Gulf region.

Spinneys opened its doors to the Lebanese public in 1948 in the old Beirut Souks followed by stores in Raouche, Verdun and Jnah in the 1970's, but unfortunately the stores closed due to the civil war at that time.

Thirty years later, Spinneys pioneered the concept of a hypermarket in Lebanon and re-opened its doors in 1998 through a big store in Dbayeh followed by 17 outlets .

In 2014 Spinneys launched its Discount Stores concept Happy in Lebanon with 3 stores located in Hazmieh, Zouk Mosbeh and Choueifat.

Spinneys Values
History, Presence & Values

About us

  • 2019
    April 20, 2019 – Beirut, Lebanon. Spinneys, the premier supermarket retailer in Lebanon, introduced the ultimate gourmet experience with the Grand Opening of the new Signature store in Beirut Souks. Being in the heart of Beirut, Signature by Spinneys offers a high-end shopping experience with international cuisine options available to satisfy more than just shopping needs. The services provided by this store uniquely focuses on the gourmet and high end provision of restaurants, groceries, and ambience as a whole.  
  • 2018
    Elissar opened its doors in the year 2018. This branch which is located on the highway of Antelias - Bikfaya road brings the luxurious mood and high-end feel. With its spacious area, Spinneys creates a dynamic essence with its variety of events and activities. 
  • 2018
    Dbayeh 24/7 branch is a suitable concept that serves its customers throughout the whole week on a 24 hour basis. This convenient store satisfies the required needs at any time of the day. Knowing that it is a located on Dbayeh highway, it makes it an easy target for your shopping necessities.
  • 2017
    A 2 floors standalone shop opened its doors on June 21, 2017 in Ain El Tineh, the most prestigious and elegant area of the capital Beirut with a fully dedicated fresh food market shop and offering delivery service
  • 2017
    On June 30, 2017, Spinneys Baouchrieh was inaugurated! Strategically location on a main highway in Mount of Lebanon, the convenient shop provides exceptional experience for its shoppers coming from residential and commercial neighborhood areas.
  • 2017
    On 18th May 2017, Spinneys opened the doors of its branch in the Spot Mall in Choueifat. The newest Spinneys branch will be a key location serving the southern suburbs of Beirut, the Chouf area and the main road to the South, with 7300 sqm of retail space across one floor. More than 3 million visits are expected at the location every year.
  • 2017
    On December 2017, Spinneys opened its 16th branch in Lebanon, in Elissar. The new branch has a strategic location that serves all residents who live in Metn with an area of 7,000 square meters with vast parking and an unparalleled shopping experience in the region.   In addition to the Elissar branch, Spinneys opened a second branch on the pedestrian highway, which receives visitors 24 hours a day.
  • 2016
    On 02 March 2016, Spinneys returns to Hamra after a long absence, opening its 11th branch in the Idris building. The new branch, previously known as the Idriss supermarket, is strategically located in Hamra, a vibrant residential and commercial center. It covers an area of about 2000 square meters and is equipped with innovative features that ensure customers enjoy a sophisticated shopping experience and a unique modern environment.
  • 2015
    On 17 February 2015, Spinneys opened its largest and third branch in Achrafieh, cementing its place as the most visited supermarket chain in Beirut. In keeping with the Spinneys’ standards the 5,000sqm, three-floor supermarket will sell every variety of food produce and household appliance imaginable. Exclusive wines, rare beverages, and imported cigars will be on offer, in addition to a floor customized to serve the freshest meats, breads, fish and cheeses.
  • 2014
    On 9 December 2014, Spinneys opened a new store in Ashrafieh in the Hotel Alexandre neighbourhood. The Spinneys expansion plan is turning Ashrafieh into the best supermarket destination. The new store is 800sqm and it is the first in the new concept of Spinneys neighbourhood stores.
  • 2012
    On 17 September 2012, Spinneys opened its newest branch in Byblos, providing the best pricing and quality for consumers. The company's 8th branch covers an area of 3000 square meters, with a parking space capacity for 300 cars. The branch aims at catering to the residents extending from Adma in the Kesrouan region to Batroun.
  • 2011
    On the 26th of October Spinneys uncovered a new concept of large surface retail in Lebanon. Strategically located in Hazmieh, a bustling residential and commercial neighborhood, the new store provides a retail selling area of 10,000 square meters on a single level with unique features that offer customers a differentiated shopping experience
  • 2010
    2010 witnessed the re-launching of Dbayeh store with the uplifted image and new identity reflecting style and elegance. The “Shop in style” concept was created as a new step toward a luxurious and stylish shopping experience. This year also witnessed the revamping of Achrafieh, Jnah and Tripoli stores to fit the new image.
  • 2006
    2006 was the opening of Spinneys in the South region through a store in Tyr, Chawakir Street, facing Victory Village.
  • 2003
    Spinneys opened in 2003 its doors in Watta el Mousaitbeh - Jnah providing store goers with an unparalleled shopping experience, in style!
  • 2002
    The expansion accelerated and 2 other stores opened in 2002 in Saida, Sahl Al Sabbagh Road and Tripoli Bahsas area.
  • 2001
    In 2001 Achrafieh welcomed the first Spinneys store in Mar Mitr street providing customers in Achrafieh and its surrounding areas with great value and best service.
  • 1998
    Thirty years later, Spinneys pioneered the concept of a hypermarket in Lebanon and re-opened its doors in 1998 through a new flagship store in Dbayeh. The success was tremendous, and other stores opened in Lebanon.
  • 1967
    In 1967, Spinneys started its operations in Lebanon by opening two stores in Jnah and Verdun but unfortunately they closed in the early 70's due to the civil war in the country at the that time.
  • 1948
    Spinneys opened its doors to the Lebanese public in 1948 in the old Beirut Souks followed by stores in Raouche, Verdun and Jnah in the 1970's, selling high quality fresh produce, grocery, and baked goods at a fair price and in a fresh and friendly shopping environment.