Private Label

Since 2000, we reconfirmed our commitment to value, quality and price and introduced Spinneys Private Label brand which have developed and evolved to cover FMCG and General Merchandise categories.

We provide consumers with an alternative to other brands available in the market through two main categories: Spinneys Value and Spinneys Supreme.

The “Value” range offers quality products through a simple packaging targeting price-sensitive consumers. On the other hand, the “Supreme” range is known for its very good quality, fair price and classy packaging and it is positioned as a "premium" brand to compete with existing/similar local and international brands in the market.

The private Label brand’s merchandise is carefully sourced from global and local specialized plants. Each category is purchased from the expert country within its field. The specifications standards are constantly tested and maintained and the market trends are frequently tracked in order to complement the brand in terms of new flavors/features, prohibited ingredients, economic or environmental changes, pricing strategies, merchandising schemes, etc.